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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                169

The Dutch ambassador gave a great ball the
other night (I forget on what occasion), and the
doors of his court were shut at nine, and only
re-opened at eight the next morninga ball of
liberty ! Some gentlemen, whose wives were ill
from the heat, were obliged to use force to get
the doors opened.

January zznd, 1797.

No letter from you In this last packet. I only
wish the folks who intercept them would forward
them after reading their contents. I enclose one
from Abb6 Durand's father to me, which will give
the poor fellow pleasure. All the Durands in the
world seem to enjoy good health; they seem to
be a numerous clan. A gentleman here, for whom
I got a friend released, has presented me with a
perpetual ticket for the opera, so you may imagine
I never go ; but my Lord Findlater,1 alias my
secretary, does, and tells me all about it. There
is a charming piece given now, called Anacreon
chez Polycmte.

i Alluding to the repeated answers given by Lady Find-
later to George II. when, at her presentation, he asked her
if she had been to the opera, museums, &c. " No, sir, but my
Lord Findlater has,"